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Once you publish the video on your school website or some other public video site or unsecured network, a copyright infringement has occurred. You may hear an argument from your teachers and students that they did not illegally download the music but purchased the music legally from i-Tunes or some other legal music e-tailer, and, should be able to use in their school-produced video.

Actually, their legal music purchase is for personal and home use, and an entirely new set of rules apply for education, such as those stated in the above paragraphs. But, their lack of knowledge about the laws does not make them immune. Crediting the artist does you no good. You can almost bet that any popular piece of music is not owned by the artist but possibly by many, such as producers, publishers, attorneys and many others.

This can be a problem, because you need permission from all parties. This is a great insurance policy for your site and system, ensuring compliance and demonstrating due diligence. Not all royalty free music libraries license specifically for K and university use, so be sure to check their licensing closely. For use in education, you should make sure the royalty free music library allows for:. In this, a student can produce a video project and remain the sole owner for repeated use.

If they ever want to use the project to promote their experience, further their education, or even to start a career, they should be able to do so according to the proper music license. Many may say that there have been no copyright lawsuits against schools or districts for this type of use.

Contrary to popular belief, there have been lawsuits, but they do get settled out of court. And, as students begin to create their own works, they will understand the importance of ownership, especially as they seek credit and payment for their own creations. If we fail to teach this now, then we have done them a disservice. Skip to main content. To navigate through the Ribbon, use standard browser navigation keys.

To activate a command, use Enter. Site Actions This page location is: High School Buying a Home. Purchasing a home is a big accomplishment and an expensive step in life. Deciding what home to buy is one of the biggest decisions one makes in life. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a home such as the monthly payments, the term of the loan, the amount of the down payment, the size of the house and the features of the home. Some of the features to consider are as follows: How many bedrooms do you want?

What size of house sq. What year is the house built? What type of landscaping or yard? Do you want a one or two story home? Do you want a fireplace? Do you want a garage? What size lot do you want? You will need to determine the following: The area to find your home. What features do you want in the home? What are the monthly payments? Research and select 2 homes you would like to purchase. One of the homes should be a practical choice and the other can be a "reasonable dream" home. Find the current interest rate on home loans and determine the monthly cost for the homes you choose.

Find the cost for mortgage insurance. Calculate the monthly payments including taxes, mortgage insurance, and interest. Determine the total cost of purchasing the home at the end of the mortgage term. You will determine the location, features, and price of the home and explain your choices. You will then search for a house meeting the above criteria using the websites listed below. Be sure to note the website where you found your house in your presentations.

You will choose 2 homes from the houses obtained in your search that you would like to purchase. Use the Home Buying Record Sheet that is in the google docs template gallery. Go to Google Docs and save yourself a copy of this file.. You need to research mortgage options for home buying.

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